11; Looking out a red window

Kayla's POV

After my time in the woods with Hector, I went back to Becka’s place. Both she and her mother were worried about me since it was already getting dark when I got there. I didn’t tell them that I was with Hector, I simply told them that I was thinking hard about who I would choose.

The next day Becka was still a little bit withdrawn from me and I didn’t know why. Eventually on our way to school she said, “ I feel like you’re changing.”

“ No, I’m still me. I was just upset yesterday that’s all.” I tried to convince her. I’m not sure if it worked but she seemed to think about me refusing to go home with her too seriously.

When I entered the hallway with Becka, people weren’t giving me the stares anymore. That was even more suspicious, not that I liked their stares or I wanted to be stared at but they’ve never not stared at me before unless something more interesting than watching a girl one hates has happened.

As I approached my locker, I saw that some people were behind A
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