12: Passed Out

Kayla's POV

I panicked, wondering how I would ever snap out of this "Lycan kill mode" that I have found myself in. Suddenly I noticed that I was feeling less enraged, less murderous, and less frustrated as my lips locked with another, causing me instant satisfaction and happiness, making me forget what I was just about to April and filling me with a desire that was quenched with that sensual touch and our lips exploring each other to the max.

When I was certain that I was fine, no longer murderous or bitter, I broke the kiss and looked at the one who kissed me. I didn’t expect it but I also kind of expected it.

“ Thank you,” I said breathlessly as I rest my body against his while he wrapped his arms around me and stroked my hair, sniffing it occasionally.

“ I had to stop what happened before from happening again, I couldn’t let you deal with that guilt.” He said and I exhaled, loving the way his chest vibrated as he spoke in his deep baritone.

“ How did you know?”

“ I was busy with A
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