13; Becka's unpleasant news

Kayla's POV

“ She’s awake?” I heard a voice I’ve missed so dearly say. It sounded like Aidan, I was so curious so I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t. It hurt so badly that I flinched but even that hurt more, I could feel a tear drop from my eyes before someone pierced my veins with what I believed to be a syringe and the pain went away, my eyes closed and I slept off.

I didn’t know what day it was when I woke up. I just know that when I woke up, the swelling feeling was gone and I was all alone in a room…I sat up and looked around. I had to because when I was with Becka, they tried so much to make the room at their house look like mine by painting it with lavender and cream. However, when my eyes saw that painting, I knew I was not at Becka’s place.

I was in fluffy, white, pajamas and I felt…strange. I got up to ease myself and by the time I came out someone was in my room. I could only see the back but I knew whose back that was.

“ You’re better now.” He said, his back stil
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