104: Killmode

Kayla's POV

" Okay, so there's an Alpha Trinity, and Aidan is one of them, Max is also one of them. I get that part" I said after digesting the heavy info Hector failed to tell me yesterday after our night together. I chose not to be mad at him for it because, well...that would get me distracted from the issue at hand.

" What I don't get however is how that explains why there are people mauled to no recognition in the bathtub while Aidan is gone," I said and Max nodded.

" Sorry, I digressed a little," he said before he continued speaking, " You see I believe that the last member of the Trinity is Alpha Drey"

" That makes no sense. He should be around the same age as you and Aidan."

" Yeah he should, my mom has umm...known him before," Hector said and Sapphire seemed to know more about this " knowledge" Hector's mother had of Alpha Drey. Also, why does she know him?

" I know but what if one of the Alpha trios betrayed them and asked to be brought earlier? He came back earlier and star
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