106; Hector's Dew

Kayla's POV

I had been looking for Hector for thirty minutes before I found him. He was at his spot just like I thought and was just sitting alone on the ground.

" Hector, are you okay?" I asked and he nodded. I could tell that he nodded even though his back was facing me.

" So...did you get to do it?" I asked, moving carefully towards him because I still feared that he was a little bit on edge.

" No" he finally said as I stood in front of him.

" How did you stop the kill mode?"

" Suthee," he said simply but he didn't look at me. His eyes were a little bit red. He cried before I got here.

" Suthee? That's what you said to me to stop me before."

" Yeah," he said and sniffed.

" I really wanted to kill him though but I found out he - as in Aidan has left Mystik pack in search of Max and Sapphire. He didn't know they were here already."

" Oh..." I said, not knowing what I should say to him. Aside from the fact that his eyes were red, there was no way of telling if he was angry, upset,
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