108: Hector's Rogue mate


Kayla's POV

Everything is set. We have gotten every single Alpha from all packs briefed on the battle we are currently fighting against Alpha Drey. We need to win so that we can have the Alpha Trinity like the way it used to be. That way there will be more balance within all packs and Nova will perform a ceremony officially naming Aidan, Max, and Hector as the Alpha Trinity.

She also found a way to kill Alpha Drey without harming Aidan and everything seemed to be going smoothly.

At first, we thought we failed to convince the people to trust us but eventually, they started coming out to the woods where Hector had taught us to shift for the first time. That was where he chose to host the feast.

All those children who were sick were also brought to Hector and he made them feel better by reversing whatever spell that was on them before and that just earned him an extra point from the people.

Everyone was seated around the huge bonfire that was set up at the center. Tha
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