109: The Final Showdown

Kayla's POV

After a perfectly calm night with Hector. Alpha Drey struck, just like I predicted. We woke up to whispers rather than screams and being that my hearing was stronger than Hector's, I could hear a lot more than he could but I guess the little he heard was enough to get him worried.

" What do they mean by Aidan is leading a war to us? We're the one bringing the war to him." Hector said. His eyes glowed as he looked at the clock in my room and shook his head. " it's literally 2 am. I can't even get one last sleep."

" Oh, so you slept?" I asked and he turned to look at me. " Of course, I slept my love," he said softly while I looked away just in case I blushed. This wasn't the time for me to be romantic or receiving romantic gestures. It was a time for me to be alert and ready to fight anyone who is in the way of the way the world should be.

" I wanted to dream of a future where you and I are nothing but happy together. That's what I wanted and I swear I was just having that d
Leyla McKenzie

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this book. This is definitely not the end however. I am going to follow this up with a sequel because there is still so much about Hector and Kayla's story I want to share with you. The sequel with continue from this exact spot so there won't be that much of a time jump. I have exams right now that's why I had to speed this up. I hope you'll understand :( Anyway, please look forward to the sequel which will come around soon. It's already planned down so don't worry. I loved sharing this book with you all and I'm so thankful for your support. I love you guys.

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I can’t wait for more. Any release date yet?
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I have loved this book. It caught my attention from the start and held it. I couldn’t put it down and read it in less than two days. Look forward to the sequel!
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Samantha Riley
How will we know when the next book will be ready do you have a title that we can look up? I can wait to read more!!!!
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