02~ Night of passion

A chime on Amelia’s phone got her attention when she just got out of a cab at the entrance of the intercontinental hotel. She unlocked her phone only to find a message from her hook-up whom she was supposed to meet for a date that night. The man was a stranger but she didn’t mind… it would just be one night.

[I’m running late, let me find you ready and butt naked. I’ll fuck you so hard that you will ask for another meeting.]

Amelia scoffed as she walked to the elevator. She knew she was up for disappointment. Men who bragged were usually the worst in bed with dicks the size of a pencil. 

On her way to the third floor, she noticed a man in a black tailored suit who had crouched over after the elevator got stuck. Thinking he was claustrophobic, she went over to him to help soothe him.

Her breath hitched when she came face to face with the most captivating icy-gray eyes she had ever seen. The man was having a panic attack so she concentrated on trying to calm him and didn’t see his facial features clearly.

To her shock the man hugged her, making a jolt of electricity run through her body. Amelia wondered why she would feel a spark after being hugged by a stranger.

Thinking the man was afraid, Amelia hugged him back but internally swooned. ‘What a perfect body.. and he smells so good.’

 After the elevator had taken off again, they remained hugging until it reached the top floor. Amelia laughed internally when she saw how embarrassed the man was.

“Are you okay Sir?’’ She asked.

“Ahem.. yes, I am fine, thank you,” Ethan said awkwardly and walked out of the elevator in a hurry.

Amelia chuckled and pressed the number for her floor.

 ‘He’s so cute.’ She thought to herself and rubbed her arms, she could still feel his muscular arms wrapped around her.

Amelia Scott was a famous celebrity in Country B. She had released a lot of famous songs since her debut years ago. It could be said that she was successful in her career.

At 28, she was worth a few million dollars but she didn’t do well in the relationship department.

The thing was, Amelia never believed in love. Her motto was, ‘don’t fall in love, once you do, you lose.’ She thought love turned people into slaves and made them blind. Just like how her best friend Rita Jones was duped by her boyfriend and he stole her company because she was blindly in love.

Her friend’s experience made Amelia believe she was right to stay away from commitment. She was into one-night stands and often disguised herself when linking up with a new hook-up for some wild sex. She preferred it that way, having one-night stands with strangers. To just hit and run. It was safer and no one would get hurt after.

Tonight was no different. After confirming her appointment with the stranger, Amelia put on a blonde fringe wig and left her apartment for the intercontinental hotel. She often found her hook-ups from a dating site called hit it.

Now she had to wait for him because he was running late, making her wonder if she really wanted to wait for someone who wasn’t good at keeping time. 

An hour later, Amelia had showered and wore nothing except a bathrobe. She was lazily playing games on her phone when the doorbell rang.

She scoffed and grumbled to herself, “so he’s a late comer, I hope he comes late in bed too because I’ll castrate him for wasting my time.”

Opening the door, Amelia immediately pulled the man inside her room thinking it was the one-night stand guy and pushed him against the wall.

“What took you so long? Let’s get down to business,’’ Amelia said. The room had dim lighting since she didn’t want to see the man she was hooking up with. She just wanted some dick not the person.

 “Here are the rules, no kissing, licking and clinging to each other afterwards.”


Amelia impatiently ran her hand along his manhood. Massaging it sensually. She smirked when she felt him twitch, biting her lip when it swelled in her hand. ‘Damn, it’s so big.’

“Hey.. I – I think you got the wro- Ahh!” The man groaned when Amelia slipped her hand into his pants and stroked his rod.

Amelia was getting turned on just by hearing the low grunts coming from the man. His shaft was also hot making her core clench in anticipation. She wanted him but wondered why he wasn’t making a move. ‘Is he a virgin-‘

Before Amelia could ask what was on her mind, her lips were suddenly claimed by hot soft ones.

Her eyes widened when she realized. ‘I said no kissing!’ She hissed in her head, trying to push the man away but he slipped his tongue into her mouth and kissed her hungrily.

Amelia gasped, ‘why does it feel so good?’

Seconds later, Amelia found herself naked and lying on the bed as the man devoured her lips, not giving her space to calm down. Her heart was racing faster than Usain Bolt.

‘Wait.. when did our roles switch? I’m supposed to be the one running the show. But damn.. he smells so good. Fuck it! A little kiss won’t hurt.’ Amelia thought in her mind and kissed the man back with equal vigor and fireworks went off in the room.

They were both on fire as they kissed and ground their crotches on each other.

“Oh, ahhh,” Amelia moaned when the man left her lips and started trailing kisses along her neck and down her abdomen.

“Ahhh, hey.. I .. oh.. said.. ahhh.. no licking! Oh lawd!!” Amelia moaned like a wanton when she felt a tongue on her core, flicking her clit.

All thoughts about her rules had gone out the window as she arched her back, raising her hips to ride the man’s face.

“Oh my! Shit.. fuck!” She was delirious. Of course, she was into one-night stands but she never let anyone lick her down there. If she knew it felt so good she wouldn’t have set those ridiculous rules.

The man continued to assault her core as he alternated between sucking on her clit and thrusting his tongue into her core, tongue-fucking her.

Since it was a first experience for Amelia, it didn’t take her long for her to come on the man’s face. She trembled as he groaned and continued to lap up her juices.

Her insides were still pulsating when she felt two fingers being slipped into her wet core. She gasped and mumbled a moan when her lips were claimed again; tasting herself on the man’s lips and it turned her on more.

“Oh, Yeah that’s it,” the man pumped his fingers in and out of Amelia’s core as she trembled with each thrust. Never had she experienced such pleasure before. The man, though being a stranger, had taken his time with her. It was so good that she was introduced to the world of squirting. Amelia felt like she was in heaven.

Her body vibrated when another powerful orgasm ripped through her making her scream loudly, “ahhhhh! Fuck!”  

Amelia rolled her hips when she felt the man’s tip stroke her wet core, she moaned but opened her eyes when she remembered something.

“Hey.. wait.. put on a condom!”

“Fuck!” The man grunted in a low voice.

Alas, it was too late, Amelia’s insides were already filled by the man’s huge and hard shaft.

‘Shit!’ Amelia cursed, it would be her first time doing it raw and she couldn’t deny that it felt so good.

The man had frozen at her scream but after she kept quiet he started moving, grunting and groaning in the process.

Amelia was on the verge of losing her mind. Never had she been banged like that. It was mind-blowing. Each deep thrust sent shivers down her body.

“Oh… yes! Yes! Yes baby!” She moaned as the man brought her knees towards her chest pinning them down then thrust harder and faster like his life depended on it. He ravaged her like he had been starved all his life.

“Oh my.. oh lawd!!!” Amelia found herself convulsing as tingles and electrical currents coursed through her body, making her curl her toes.

The man didn’t stop, with a low grunt he shot his load into her but he continued to move his hips back and forth. He still remained as hard as a rock and that went on for the whole night.

Amelia could not count how many times the man took her that night. All she knew was that when she woke up the next morning, her lady parts were sore and her legs wobbly.

But she could still feel a tingly sensation on her core, despite being ravaged by a savage it still throbbed for more.

Amelia looked around the room and looked at her body that was covered in love marks. ‘I met a beast!’ She squealed internally, feeling her body ache.

The sound of water running in the shower indicated that the man was bathing.

Amelia sighed and grabbed her phone to check the time. But the message she found made her heart bang loudly against her ribcage.

[Hey.. sorry, I won’t make it. Something came up at work. Let’s reschedule.]

Amelia’s heart thumped louder in her chest and it felt like it would burst out at any moment.

Her eyes widened when she stared at the bathroom door. ‘Who the fuck did I bang the whole night?’


Without wasting any more time, she made quick work of dressing up and left the room hastily without waiting to see the man in the bathroom. 

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Madeline Crist
For someone who is extremely afraid of women? How did he know how to please her so well when he's had no experience. That doesn't make sense ... Good storyline thus far. ...
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Since when tanton moaned? ............
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Good story so far!!! Love it!

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