03~ What I want I get

On a fine Monday morning, in a big conference room at the CT group, Ethan Carter sat at the head of the table absentmindedly staring at the manager giving a presentation in front.

Ethan appeared like he was listening but his mind was in turmoil. Different kinds of emotions kept swirling in his heart, anger, pain, denial, and self-doubt. He couldn’t understand how bad he could have been for the woman he had sex with over the weekend to run away the moment she woke up.

‘I did it well right?’ He questioned himself as he recalled how the woman kept writhing and moaning under him. She clearly enjoyed it as much as he did.

‘But why did she run away?’ It baffled him so much such that two days later, the question was still on his mind, haunting him.

When Ethan was suddenly seduced in the strange woman’s room, he was shocked and terrified. He wondered what was happening but what made him not push the lady away was because she was the only one he could get close to without having a panic attack.

Before he could tell what was happening, the woman had slipped her hand into his pants and started stroking him.

Shocked to the core, he tried to stop her, saying, “Hey.. I – I think you got the wro- Ahh!”

But it felt so good he ended up moaning to the thrilling sensation. He had thought she was an angel back in the elevator but he took his words back. She was a seductive minx!

Ethan being a celibate 30 year old easily became weak and succumbed to the strange woman. She was evoking feelings he had never felt before in his life.

Taking over control, he immediately captured her lips, kissing her with an intense hunger that only she could satisfy. He moved with urgency, leading her to the bed as he took off her robe, not giving a fuck that she was a stranger. What mattered was that he was getting laid that night! Having a phobia of women didn’t mean he didn’t long to hold a woman in his arms.

Ethan didn’t know why this woman was an exception. All he knew was he would release all his longing on her and keep her by his side forever.

It was the best night of Ethan’s life. The feel of the woman’s soft body against him made tingles course through his body. He delighted in the view of how her core caved in his shaft as he made love to her.

He couldn’t get enough of her body and even though he was scared of tiring her out, he couldn’t hold himself back.

Ethan took her over and over again until she passed out from exhaustion. He pecked her forehead, thinking he would ask her name and learn more about her in the morning.

To his dismay, when he came out of the bathroom in the morning, the woman was gone. It was like she was never there in the first place. If Ethan didn’t still feel the after-effects of the passionate night, he would think it was a dream.

After asking the hotel manager, he found out the room was reserved under a fake name and so he was left with nothing apart from the memories of their encounter. No name, address, or phone number to call.

Ethan spent the rest of the weekend sulking, he had to find the strange woman by hook or by crook.

He needed her.

‘But why did she run away… did I fail to satisfy her?’

“That’s not right!” Ethan exclaimed loudly, hitting the side of his fist on the table.

The manager in front trembled and packed his laptop in a hurry, saying, “I’ll do it again sir.”

Ethan didn’t pay him any attention as his mind was preoccupied with something else.

“The meeting shall be postponed. Thank you for your hard work,” Josh Knight stood up and said after realizing his boss was not in his right mind.

When everyone left, Josh turned to face his boss and said, “Sir, are you okay?’’

“Any news?” Ethan suddenly asked.

“Huh?’’ Josh asked, a bewildered look on his face.

“Didn’t I tell you to find that woman?!” Ethan spat coldly making Josh flinch.

“Oh! It’s a bit difficult since we know little about her sir. But I am trying my best.”

Ethan scoffed and got up from his seat leaving the conference room.

Josh scratched his neck and followed Ethan out.

“Let’s go visit the factory,” Ethan ordered and walked towards the elevator.

Ethan shifted in his seat feeling irritated. His black Bentley was stuck in traffic for thirty minutes now. He was so bored that he ended up reading the name of shops along the streets and some advertisements on the billboards.

That was when he saw it, a large billboard of a brunette wearing a diamond necklace that was being advertised.

His heart immediately began to race faster than normal. The lady might have dark brown hair but her pale-green eyes and beautiful face were embedded in Ethan’s memory that he could recognize her instantly.

‘It’s her,’ he mumbled to himself. ‘My angel.’

“Josh, find her, the lady in the poster,” Ethan instructed.

Josh looked out the window and was shocked, “s – sir that’s Amelia Scott. She can’t be the one you’re looking for. Besides, wasn’t she a blonde?’’

“Just fucking do as I say,” Ethan hissed.

He took out his phone and searched for Amelia Scott on the internet. Seconds later his lips curled into a barely-there smile.

‘Amelia.. what a beautiful name,’ he thought to himself then smirked.

‘I’ll soon have you by my side, my angel. What I want, I get.’


Amelia Scott had not been herself since the day she had a one-night stand with the wrong person. She only hoped he wasn’t a married man or she would regret it for the rest of her life.

She already regretted that she enjoyed it so much. Her core still tingled at the thought of that night. But she was scared in case the man looked for her and found out who she was. After all, she wanted to keep that part of her life a secret.

“Amy, Amy, Amelia… jeez, where has your mind traveled to? I’ve been trying to talk to you for a while now,” Amelia was brought back to reality by her manager, Natalie Johnson’s voice.

They were in the studio working on a new song with her producer Julian Bishop. He had been her producer since she started her career.

“Are you okay Amy? You’ve been so out of it today,” Julian said as he looked at Amelia adoringly. He was 31 and still had no relationship, devoting himself to helping Amelia in her career.

“Yes, I’m fine Julian, let’s continue,” Amelia said, averting his gaze. She knew he liked her but she pretended not to see. He was handsome with chin-length curly hair and brown eyes but he wasn’t her type. She didn’t have a type and wasn’t into dating anyway.

Natalie’s phone rang and she left to answer it outside while Amelia and Julian remained inside, working on the song.

A few minutes later, Natalie returned and looked at Amelia as if she had something to say.

Amelia noticed and asked, “was the call about me?’’

“Yes, the CEO of the CT group, Ethan Carter would like to meet you privately. He said you must meet him without fail.” Natalie said hesitantly.

Amelia scoffed, ‘another crazy fan huh?’

“Tell him I’m not interested,” she said.

“Well, he said if you refuse I should mention a butterfly-“

“Whoa.. hahaha. Where did he say he would like to meet?” Amelia suddenly said, cutting off Natalie’s words.

She was screaming in her head. ‘Was he the man from my Saturday adventure? Damn! I didn’t know he had seen the butterfly tattoo on my butt!’

“He said he has booked a private room at the golden crest restaurant. You should be there in an hour.”

Amelia chuckled mockingly, ‘how dare this man order me around?’

“Fine, I’ll be there,” she said and stood up to leave but her hand was suddenly grabbed by Julian.

“Don’t go, I-I don’t have a good feeling about this,” he said, his throat feeling dry all of a sudden.

Amelia chuckled and said, “don’t worry, I can handle my own.”

A flicker of hurt flashed through Julian’s eyes, but he masked his emotions and smiled at her. “Ok… call me if anything goes wrong. I’ll be there.” He said. He wasn’t comfortable with her going to meet a man but he couldn’t stop her. She always did what she wanted.

An hour later, Amelia was seated across a very handsome man. She darted her eyes around the room wondering if she enjoyed the sex because he was this good-looking.

His intense stare was making her uncomfortable so Amelia decided to break the ice, “why did you want to see me? I don’t think you wanted to talk about my tattoo right?”

Ethan squinted his sexy grey eyes at Amelia and shook his head.

“No, it’s something else.”

“Ooookay… what is it?” Amelia asked, her heart raced as she thought, ‘Is he going to sue me for rape? I practically forced myself on him.’

But what he said next threw her off completely.

“I want you.”

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