04~ Be my date

“What?” Amelia exclaimed the moment she heard what Ethan said.

“It’s shocking, isn’t it? So many women want to be with me but…..” Ethan trailed and then added, “I couldn’t believe it myself but it is what it is. I want you.” It was true… for some reason, he wasn’t afraid of her like the other women so he wanted her close. 

Amelia raised her eyebrows wondering where Ethan’s confidence was coming from. ‘Is it because he’s filthy rich, handsome and sexy that he thinks every lady will fall at his feet when he wants?’

“You’re hot… but I’ll have to say no. sorry.”

“Yes, I’m hot and you’re sorry…. Wait.. what?!” Ethan narrowed his eyes when what Amelia said sank in.

He was very confident that after knowing who he was, she would happily jump into his arms but surprisingly, she said no. Ethan felt like a hand was squeezing his heart.

‘Why would she say no?’ He was confused. What was not to love about him?

“I see we have nothing else to talk about, I’m off. Please don’t call me again Mr CEO, what we had was just a one-night thing. We are not supposed to meet again,” Amelia said and stood up, walking towards the door when some sounds made her stop just before the door.

The sounds were voices of two people moaning and groaning erotically.

A tint of pink crept up Amelia’s face when she heard her own voice cursing and moaning loudly. But soon, the embarrassment turned to anger.

She turned around abruptly to face Ethan and shouted, “you recorded it?!”

“Yes.. and I am glad I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to threaten you with,” Ethan said nonchalantly but he was praying she didn’t ask to see the video. He had only recorded the sound of her voice that night because it felt like music to his ears.

“Fuck you! You’re a pervert! Do your subordinates know you go around filming those you have sex with?” Amelia spat coldly, her cheeks were now puffed up due to anger and she looked like an angry kitten.

“I’ll gladly fuck you again my angel.. but not today since you don’t seem to want me. But I have one request for you, if you don’t agree I’ll release your video and make you debut as a porn-star,” Ethan said while chuckling internally at Amelia’s angry expression. ‘how cute.’ He thought.

“You’re such an asshole!! Fine, what do you want me to do.. anything apart from what you said earlier,” Amelia said begrudgingly.

“Be my date for a certain function. I need to attend it and I need you there.”

It was because Ethan intended to work with the Jones group that he wanted to attend the J&S company launch. But the owner was a woman and since he feared women, it would be difficult unless he went with Amelia. His gynophobia seemed to disappear when she was close to him.

Amelia sighed, “Ok…” she finally gave in, but only temporarily.

“Great.. let’s have lunch now,” Ethan said and when Amelia cocked a brow he added, “it’s just lunch, don’t tell me you’re not hungry.”

Ten minutes into the meal, Amelia felt irritated and glared at Ethan who kept staring at her.

“Why do you keep staring at me? It’s uncomfortable; can’t you concentrate on your food?” She scoffed.

Ethan chuckled and said, “I can’t help it. You’re so beautiful.”

Amelia’s heart skipped a beat as she internally cringed, ‘Oh no… he’s not just a pervert…. but a player too. Tsk tsk.’

If Ethan knew what she was thinking he would choke on his food. The poor man had not touched a woman in ten years!


“You should have told me it was the Jones group company launch. The owner is my best friend and I was beating myself up for not being able to attend her event,” Amelia complained as she got down from Ethan’s Bentley.

She had only known where they were going when the car arrived at the hotel.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were also invited. Let’s go,” Ethan said as he grabbed Amelia’s arm and hooked it with his.

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the entrance and some girls screamed in excitement.

“It’s Amelia Scott!”

“Oh my God!! Amy.. we love you..”

“Amy, can I get an autograph?”

“She’s with Ethan, the CEO of the CT group. Oh my God!! Are they dating?? Big news!!”

Amelia walked into the ballroom with Ethan confidently with her head held high.

She was donned in a two-piece shimmer white suit. The top was a lace crop top reaching just above the navel with a sweetheart neckline and thin straps. While the bottom was a tight mermaid skirt with a thigh-high slit.

Her dark brown hair was cascading down her shoulders and she had a smoky eye look on her face.

Ethan wore a white tee tucked into a white fitted trousers and a white blazer. His military hair-cut made him look exceptionally hot.

The crowd was in an uproar as the two of them walked to the front. A few seconds later, the couple took their seats next to Rita Jones, the CEO of the Jones group and one of Amelia’s best friends.

Her other best friends, Glenda Anderson, a lawyer and Evelyn Sparks, a doctor by profession were also seated at the table.

Rita Jones turned to look at Amelia and cocked an eyebrow, giving her the ‘who’s the hunk?’ look.

Amelia rolled her eyes and leaned in to whisper into Rita’s ears.

“Don’t look at me like that. He forced me to come with him.”

“But I just saw you walk in with your own two feet, clinging to his arm,” Rita whispered back in amusement.

Amelia scoffed, and then leaned in once again, “we had sex and he recorded it. What a pervert! He threatened to release it and make me debut as a porn-star so I had to agree to be his date,” Amelia whispered, complaining while biting her bottom lip in frustration.

Rita’s lips shaped into an O as she nodded her head. She had always been worried about her friend preferring one-night stands to having a normal relationship. She hoped Ethan could change that.


It was later in the evening and the event had come to an end. Ethan did not go anywhere without Amelia. He would even escort her to the ladies’ room just so he couldn’t be left alone. It would be disastrous if he suddenly had a panic attack with the media around to capture the moment.

His actions didn’t go unnoticed by Amelia which made her wonder. Why was he avoiding other women and only being nice to her? Was it a tactic to make her believe he’s a good man? She couldn’t help but think he had ulterior motives after all, Rita Jones’ ex-boyfriend, Eric Thompson was the perfect boyfriend but he turned out to be a devil in disguise, everything about him was a lie. Amelia thought she had to be wary of this Ethan guy too.

They were on their way to drop Amelia at her apartment but she seemed to be in a bad mood. Ethan had no idea what he had done wrong. He shook his head thinking women were complicated creatures.

The good part was that he had managed to speak to Rita Jones and her husband for a possible collaboration and she happily agreed to set up something. Perhaps, being Amelia’s date might have sped up the process for him.

Not being able to take Amelia’s silence, Ethan asked her, “hey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Came Amelia’s curt reply.

“Are you sure? You don’t look ok-“

“I’m fine, okay?” Amelia cut off Ethan rudely and a tense silence followed after. He couldn’t understand what had happened for her mood to take such a drastic turn. 

They were quiet for the rest of their short journey as the driver drove through the city towards Amelia’s apartment.

It was only after they arrived at Amelia’s place that she opened her mouth to speak.

“You know it’s funny that you followed me around the whole night during the event without giving me space to breathe. I can’t help but think you are up to something. This is the reason I don’t like being in relationships. I love my space. You even followed me to the toilet as if I would run away! It was so annoying.” She said outright, she had always been a straight-forward person and called a spade a spade.

Ethan felt a sting in his chest when he heard what Amelia said. He didn’t do it on purpose. It’s not like being afraid of some women was something to be proud about and go around telling people. It was his biggest weakness and he didn’t want Amelia to see him like that.

“I’m sorry. Tell me what you want me to do to make you feel better. I promise I’ll do it well,” he said, trying not to sound hurt.

“I just want one thing from you,” Amelia said.

“Tell me, I’ll do anything,” Ethan promised. He didn’t want to see Amelia upset, strangely it irritated him.

“I want you to stay away from me. Leave me alone, Ethan.”

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Hope Herrera
it's quite interesting. She took his virginity. don't see that happening much especially to a 30 year old good looking man

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