07~ I'll give it to you

The next day at the CT group, Ethan Carter was smiling to himself from ear to ear. He kept replaying the scene when Amelia snapped at him for adding the last condition to the contract.

She was so upset that she immediately left and went to her room. Ethan thought she looked cute trying to be fierce. They had ended up signing the contract and he emphasized to her that he just wanted to marry her to make his mother happy and since Amelia needed someone to help her, she had no choice but to accept but added her own clauses to the contract to protect herself.

Ethan had already helped her with the scandal after the contract was signed. The posts were taken down and he had reimbursed all the companies asking for refunds. Although he couldn’t do anything about the netizens who kept talking about the scandal online.

“Sir.. sir?” Ethan’s train of thoughts were cut off by Josh who had been trying to get his attention for a while now.

Upset at being interrupted, Ethan glared at his assista

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Christine Buhay
intetesting story.
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Lagrimas Astudillo
need more..
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Nimfa Montenegro Espares Geronimo
nice story

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