08~ No love between us

Amelia watched in horror as Ethan’s face magnified in front of her agonizingly slow. She was about to push him away when he stopped just a few inches away from her face and then smirked.

‘He smirked! The nerve..’ Amelia thought before furrowing her brows.

Her furious expression earned a chuckle from Ethan. He raised his hand and brushed his thumb along Amelia’s lips and raised it, acting to show her.

“You had a smear of chocolate on your lips,” Ethan said and did something that completely threw Amelia off. He placed his thumb into his mouth and sucked on it.

A pounding that had recently become familiar to Amelia was felt between her thighs; she squeezed her walls and thought, ‘Damn, is he seducing me?’

The chocolate on her lips was from the bars she was snacking on earlier when she felt hungry. Her situation made her depressed so she wasn’t in the mood to cook.

Another chuckle made her look up at Ethan who had now stood up straight and after smirking again, he returned to cooking

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Ligaya Embido Gozum
welcome.. I love it!
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Alicia Allen
Why is she so mean
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Snob! I feel bad for Ethan.

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