09~ Dinner

“Seriously? Just kiss the girl!!” Amelia’s groan could be heard reverberating in the mansion. She was watching a romantic k-drama on the television in the sitting area.

She was lying on a one-seat couch with her legs hanging over the armchair. “Oh gosh! So dumb! Why do you keep rejecting him when you like him?” Amelia complained when the female lead in the drama rejected the male lead.

The way they kept fighting with each other frustrated Amelia but she was still hooked. Each ending of an episode made her want to know what would happen next so she wound up watching the series the whole day.

It was a first for Amelia. Staying home with no worries and just binge watching dramas was a nice experience since she was always so busy with her demanding career. She munched on some snacks that Ethan had brought for her and looked at the clock on the wall. It was time for him to knock off from work.

Days had passed since the gift incident but Ethan acted like nothing happened which Amelia was

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Junia Leah Dumaguing Bagto
nice story
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Palmy M. Rodriguez
oh.. poor ethan..

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