80~ Superstar

Five years later

Amelia Scott had continued with her music career of which her husband, Ethan Carter was in support of. She was now a very famous celebrity, known for her beautiful love songs that seemed to be dedicated to her billionaire husband.

She had just come back from a musical tour and rushed home so that she could surprise her husband who wasn't aware that she was back earlier than anticipated.

Pulling up at the mansion she had called home for the last eight years, she smiled to herself, thinking back to when she first went there.

At that time, she was indeed attracted to Ethan sexually but she was holding back from accepting her other feelings which were more than attraction. But Ethan pursued her relentlessly until she gave in and it was the best decision of her life. She was happy and content.

Getting out of her car, she saw her son's black lamborghini parked at the side and knew he was home or about to go out.

Owen had just turned eighteen and Ethan got him the s

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This novel is very interesting and Wonderful Don't know if you can write about Ethan and Amy' kid I mean, Owen
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Palmy M. Rodriguez
a very heart-warming story.. full of love , trust between husband & wife.. a family bond novel.. loving it..
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Itoro O Etim
really good story. thank you!
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