11 || Not dumb, just different

I’m not dumb, just different. Sitting in front of the mirror in my bathroom, that’s what I tell myself as I apply a new batch of pink dye to my hair.

Is different good? Is it bad? I don’t know but I like the way Calum said it. I finish up soon and the dark roots of my hair are completely pink by the time I wash off the dye my hair.

“Cathy. Calum. Lunch is ready,” Dani screams from downstairs. “Be down immediately.”

I step out of my room and wait by the door for Calum to show up so we can go together. He doesn’t. If he had gone downstairs, I would have known or heard him, all thanks to the not-so-thin walls. He has to pass by my room since it’s closer to the staircase. I start towards Calum’s room. I’ll only tell him lunch is ready and leave. Easy to do.

His door is slightly ajar. I slip in and stand still, trying to adjust my eyes to the darkness. The curtains are drawn, the lights are switched off. I know he’s in the room. Calum doesn’t go out on Saturdays.

A phone vibrates

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Danielle Reeves
i like the story so far
goodnovel comment avatar
I really like it so far. It's sweet it a way, they definitely have more in common they they know. Can't wait to see how the relationship progresses.
goodnovel comment avatar
Erica Boeh
Really like it so far

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