12 || Broke but happy

A comfortable silence reigns over us. I push the tray under the table and hand him his guitar. 

Calum laughs. “You’re not giving up on this.” 

“Nope. I really want to hear you play.” His face softens. He fingers a chord and stops. I try not to say anything but my mouth sometimes works faster than my brain. “What is it? I liked it.” 

“Oh, please. I didn’t do anything.” I make a zipping motion across my lips and toss the keys out the window. “Fine. I haven’t played since…” 

His lingering statement piques my curiosity. I forget everything about keeping quiet. “Since when?” 

“Since the band broke up. Don’t expect much.” When the music is in you, it doesn’t matter how long you stay away from it, you’ll feel it when you return to it. Calum leans forward, cradling the guitar in his hand as he readies himse

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