13 || Ring light

Today, I’m more covered as I bridge the distance to my sexy stepbrother’s room. Grey sweatshirt, and tracksuit. No chance in hell of yesterday happening again. Heart thumping harder than before, I stop in front of Calum’s room. He has not stepped out since lunch. I can’t help trying to convince myself that this is a horrible idea.

But my fist meets his door twice. If I come in on his invitation, he’ll see I have good intentions. I knock again, then try the knob when there’s no response from inside. The door is unlocked and the room is empty. I take another tentative step inside.

The glow from the tip of Calum’s blunt is what guides me to the balcony. He doesn’t get a chance to process my appearance. I snatch the blunt from his hand and stomp on it. His gaze flickers to mine.

“You shouldn’t be smoking here. Or at all.”

“I wasn’t smoking,” he answers.

I rest my hands on my waist, my eyes flying up and down his body. “Yeah. Pigs can also fly.”

Calum is also covered in a polo shirt
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Patricia Oliver
yes the first part of suduction is getting them to want to spend time with you

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