16 || Fresh start

The car is too quiet. The radio is off. I hate my dad’s incessant questions but I’ll give anything to have him in the car asking me stuff I don’t want to talk about than sit in this silence with my stepbrother. I reach for the radio and he cuts me a look that has me retracting my hand.

My elbow juts out the window, my head pokes out and the morning air whips through my hair. The car slows as he is about to make a turn.

“Do you have a YuuTube channel?” Calum asks at the traffic light. I’m surprised he’s talking to me after his ominous warning at the house. I shake my head. The light turns yellow. “Okay. I can help you set one up if you don’t mind. You can post some of your singing videos there.” 

“Okay. Thanks, bro.” 

One. Two. Three. The light turns green and we speed off. We sit in silence, not as awkward as it was earlier. I toy with the buttons of my shirt for a minute. &

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