17 || Don’t do that again

Was Calum angry? Was he jealous? Does this affect our budding friendship? I don’t know. It feels like I cheated on him. I didn’t do anything wrong but it’s all I can think as I make my way to the chemistry class, my last class for today. 

Amelia waves me over to a seat at the back. We haven’t seen each other since lunch break. I’m not sure I want to talk to her. She must have sent Jackson to me and the idiot kissed me. 

Grudgingly, I plop into the seat she reserved for me. She retrieves her phone from her purse and slides it over my desk. I don’t want to see. I look to the door, my only means of escape. Mr Andy should be here soon but until then, I have to make small talk with her. It sucks to be me. 

“You two looked so cute,” Amelia says. 

I pick up the phone and my frown deepens to a sneer. “You took a picture of us? Really?” The three girls in the row before ours throw us a

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Patricia Oliver
Calum is seeing the P.E teacher? ugh

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