19 || Stepbrother dearest

I skipped dinner last night. The next day, I grab only an apple from the kitchen and rush out of the house to meet Amelia. When she asks how I got home, I make up a lie about catching a ride with my stepbrother. But in truth, I walked home.

How do I tell her she was right? That I turned down his offer to take me home because I did not want to be in the same car with him and his date. He didn’t want to drive me home anyway. And it’s not his fault that our town’s facilities are limited.

After school, I lock myself in my room. My plan is simple. Talk to my wicked stepbrother only if unavoidable. My stomach growls again. I bury my face in the pillow and scream into it. The only real meal I ate today was cafeteria lunch. My decision to stay away from Calum is starting to look like a bad one. He’s not the one affected by hunger. I am.

Dinner is in an hour. I resolve to show my face for a bit, then grab my dinner to eat in my room. My Samsung phone on the nightstand vibrates, I place it
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