14 || Sam and Lucas


The phone trembles in my hand. I drop it to the study table and replay the short conversation with Tessa in my head. They wanted to talk to me. Sam and Lucas. My former bandmates.


Why now? 

They haven’t been able to reach me because I changed my number and blocked both of them. I don’t want anything to do with Sam or Lucas or the fucking band. I am done with that life, not the singing but the mindless moments; the high, the toxicity and loneliness. Fame changed the three of us. They hurt me. Not once did they visit at rehab. Yes, I fucked up badly. But friends fuck up all the time. And friends also pick each other up. 

I don’t hate them for casting me off but I hate them for being unable to put down their pride and anger to check on their friend who almost lost his life. We were friends first before we became a band. His brother survived, I might not have.

My fingers tap against my temple. Cathy knew. Wai

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Erica Boeh
I’m actually with him on this one…. She said some awful things to him
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Grace Stephens
She is way way out of line. U never take someone’s choice away from them of who they want i their life. N if she knew how to properly communicate her feelings or just talk at all she would understand where he is coming from. GOOD CHAPTER!
goodnovel comment avatar
he melts me too.

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