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On Monday morning, I join Dad to school. It’s a silent ride with my earbuds plugged in to avoid him asking questions. Calum should still be at home. I don’t know. I don’t care. Okay, I care.

But I don’t understand. Okay, maybe I also do. Calum has every right to be mad for me lying and meddling but I was trying to help. Tessa and I. 

He shut everyone out after the band broke up and they want their friend back. Not to resume the band but to have him. To be friends again. And they sounded so excited about him meeting this producer in London. London is only three hours away. He could meet up with him and return to me the same day. 

How can that man not see that we are on his side and we are doing all of these because we love him?

I roll up the window as Dad’s car slows in the parking lot. The term will be over in fifty days, then what? He can’t teach forever. There’s more for him out there. His friends are

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goodnovel comment avatar
I beg to disagree, he wasn't flirting. is he supposed to ignore his female student because he's upset with Cathy? come on, let a man be mad the way he knows how.
goodnovel comment avatar
lmao...I'm glad you love it.
goodnovel comment avatar
what did he even do? is he supposed to not talk to anyone cos he's mad at his girlfriend?

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