46 || It’s wrong

I was nervous before taking the solo but the emotions of that day don’t compare to the fear coursing through my body right now. Oh, my God. What if I’m pregnant?

I don’t want a baby.

Someone taps me. I move away from the door and try to refocus my thoughts but the person taps me again. My head snaps towards the source. Amelia. I release a tired breath. She is the reason I’m in this mess. I’m not ready.

“It’s time,” she says.

I nod. Because what else am I supposed to say?

The instructions on the kit said to wait at least five minutes before checking. Amelia slings her arm through my elbow and walks me inside the bathroom. I pause at the sink where the cup and pregnancy stick is. We share a glance.

“You do it,” I tell her. She laughs. “It’s not funny.”


I try not to peek over Amelia’s shoulder but my curiosity gets the best of me. Two lines glare at me from the white stick and I stagger backwards until my back hits the wall. Maybe I saw wrong.

A sob catches in my chest. I
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Erica Boeh
WHO dips the pregnancy test in the damn toilet ...‍♀️...‍♀️...‍♀️...‍♀️
goodnovel comment avatar
true, he has a right to know. she's not doing great in that aspect.
goodnovel comment avatar
I don't want him to. he shouldn't have to. lol.

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