50 || Talk to me

Calum twists in my arms so he’s facing me. He peers down at me with an intensity that strips me of my confidence. I fake a smile but he clicks his tongue. He sees through my bullshit. Telling him about Jackson won’t solve the problem. It only means two more worried people. 

“Is everything okay, Cathy?” 

“Why won’t it be?” 

“The least you owe me is the truth, Cathy. Don’t lie to me. I know something is up.” 

My arms stretch out to hug Calum but he keeps me at a distance. My lower lip trembles. I think I’m about to cry again. He runs a hand through his hair. I need to say something. Why am I not talking? 

“I’m here because of you,” he murmurs, his frustration evident. “Scott is mad I left, there’s so much work to be done but I’m here because I know my baby is not happy.” 

“Cal,” I whisper. <

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Erica Boeh
She needs to tell him this is going to blow up in her face….and wtf why would you think he’d be ok with you fin another guy ...‍♀️
goodnovel comment avatar
Tiffany schramm
she needs to tell him so he can help... esp since he could go to jail about it too he NEEDS to kno she's really messing up by not telling him this.... God she annoys me so much
goodnovel comment avatar
Mary L Olmos
please let Calum help you , don't give In to Jackson

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