51 || Mission accomplished

On Sunday morning when Calum is still asleep, I sneak into the bathroom to call Jackson. The call rings uninterruptedly for the first time, and the second time, it goes straight to voicemail. I bite my fingernails while pacing the bathroom. 

He might be in church with his family for morning mass. Our parents left already. Jackson’s parents oversee the Bible study group. He attends church for their sake. 

I dump the phone on the sink and splash water on my face. One minute later, I’m still staring at myself in the mirror. 

What will Jackson do? 

Turning my back to the mirror, I scroll through our interactions from yesterday. There’s an unread text from Jackson. The content causes a sob of relief to escape me. I clap a hand over my mouth and breathe. I’m safe now, but what happens next time? 

I reread the message.

Jackson: you are lucky Regina showed up 

So it was all about sex for h

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Erica Boeh
I thought they did have sex in his class already but yeah that can’t happen with Jackson around
goodnovel comment avatar
Strong Ellie
She needs to stop this shot in school. She is so going to get him in trouble! Stupid girl.
goodnovel comment avatar
My god this is nerve racking

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