30 || Gone forever

The burial was quiet and private. I don’t recall most of it. Maybe I do. But I don’t want to be flooded with images of my best friend being lowered to the ground. Losing Mr Dissick hurts but it’s nothing compared to this.

He’s alive and she isn’t. I may see him again but Amelia is gone forever.

A cry from somewhere in the house breaks through my thoughts. The pillow in my hands drops. We used to play with this pillow, sleep in this room. I wipe my nose that’s red from excess crying. We buried her today. Taylor and Rose are downstairs entertaining the guests. I hate this idea of the bereaved family serving visitors. They just lost their child, they should be given a break. I hurry to the bathroom and splash water on my face before heading out to check on Mace.

Mace is with his grandpa. I may or may not have been the best mother to him. I make sure my face has no evidence of crying as I near the bottom of the stairs. Staying in Amelia’s room gives me courage to go an extra day. It’s
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thank you for reading it.
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Tiffany schramm
I doubt it's Cal, it's probably his mom.. if it's is Cathy should spit on her & slam the door in her face.. but another heartbreaking chapter... I'm so sad Amelia is gone. Cathy needs Cal more than ever...
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Strong Ellie
That was another roller-coaster of emotions! read the last 4 chapters today!! I am not sure if it is Calum, I think it might be Dani. Who knows, I would love for it to be him though. They need to settle the air and explain everything that has happened. Great job, I know these were hard to write.

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