32 || Happiness is overrated

“Your father is an asshole,” I tell Mace. He giggles. “No, don’t laugh, Macey. Let’s hate him together.” 

Someone clears their throat behind me. I jump and hide Mace from their view. It’s Dad. Walking around Mace’s crib, I try to smile at my father. He leans on the door, watching me like I would watch Mace. 

“I didn’t mean that,” I state to diffuse the tension. “Well, maybe. Only a little bit.” 

“Are you okay?” he asks from the door of the guest room in his London house. He might not have understood why I asked us to leave Wells but he drove us back to his house. I suspect Calum will check mine.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I reply. 


“I’m fine,” I whisper. I just buried my best friend, and my baby daddy walked back into my life. Of course I’m okay, I’m cool. “I&

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Get in line
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lyric jade
Seriously!!! She’s getting on my damn nerves lol
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Erica Boeh
I will too after you do it

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