33 || Get out


Nerves. I’m a bundle of nerves and anger. Anger that hasn’t fully manifested. I ring the door again but it’s the same response. Silence. I look over my shoulder to the car waiting out front. Jason dropped me off. He insisted on waiting till I was safely inside. 

I may have treated him like shit but he’s exactly how Amelia described him in her letter. Plus, he took care of my babies. 

My babies. I have a son. Saying that to myself has no effect on me. Maybe it will when I see the blue eyed miniature of me.

The knob twists as I’m about to knock again and the door opens. Unfortunately, it’s not the woman I want to see. I step back. 


“Calum,” he responds. 

It’s an awkward family reunion. I rock on my heels, feeling like the twenty-one year old kid he took into his home. What should I say? 



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I'm glad you get it, Anna. It's over the top but realistic. People do crazy things out of grief.
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This is right and I'm glad you get her. It's so much for only her to handle and as annoying as it is, she has a lot on her head.
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Kathryne Figuracion
I know Cathy appears unhinge and l over the top, but someone who still have unresolved emotional distress from past tragedies whether its from the lost of her mom, callum, unexpected pregnancy, now her best friend - can really worsen an underlying postpartum depression which is a serious concern.

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