Chapter two- Just like Cinderella

Nervous couldn't describe the word of how I am feeling right now. Lisa had earlier sent me the address of the club. We are to meet in front of the club before entering together.

I wore a short lava red dress that hugged me tight like a second body. The back of the dress is entirely open leaving my back to be bare. I matched the dress with red high heels and red lipstick. I look at myself in the mirror. I could hardly believe this was me. On a normal day, I won’t be dressing like this. Well on a noms, I wouldn’t even be going to a club at all. Unice gifted me this dress and made me promise her that I will be wearing it tonight. I must admit I actually look very hot in the dress. Since I have flesh in the right places, the clothes fit me quite well.

My biggest problem is how am I going to leave the house without drawing my parents' attention. I removed my shoes and held it in my hands along with my purse. I quietly tiptoe down the stairs trying my best not to make any sound at all.

I am able to successfully reach down the stairs and make my way to the kitchen. I plan on using the back door to go out. As I entered the kitchen, I mistakenly stumbled upon a bottle that was left carelessly on the floor of the kitchen. I immediately froze and my heart started beating irregularly. Am afraid that my parents will wake up because of the sound the bottle made. If they actually wake up, I will surely end up dead.

I waited for some minutes and I didn’t hear any movement or sound, I let out a deep breath I was holding. I quickly rushed to the door and ran out of the house. I didn’t stop until I was three minutes away from our house. I wore my shoes and waited for the Uber I ordered while I was still in my room.


The cab dropped me in front of the club. I saw people queuing up to enter the club. I brought out my phone to call my friends so that I could inform them that I had arrived when I heard someone calling my name from a distance. I walked towards the direction of the voice and saw all my friends standing. I took a double breath when I saw them. Damn! They look so hot. Elsa is putting on a short black dress that has a deep cut V neckline that causes her breast to be on display. Unice is also putting on something similar to Elsa except hers it’s dark blue in color while Lisa is wearing a white dress that is so little that it can fit a ten years old.

“Here guys you are all looking very hot tonight!. I hype them as I reach the place they are standing.

“You to Ashley. You look like a hotter and sexier version of yourself”. They all hyped me back.

“So how are we going to enter the club? The queue is too long and it will take us forever to get in”. Elsa complained. She is indeed very correct. The line has even increased by at least thirty people since I arrived and that’s crazy because I just came five minutes ago.

“O leave that to me!”. Lisa winked and started walking towards one of the bouncers that was answering a phone call just next to us. He ended his call and started conversing with Lisa who is already running her hands all over his chest. Trust Lisa to always be ready to flirt. Every group of friends has one who is the player among them and Lisa happens to be ours.

After a few minutes, Lisa beacon on us to come over and we did. The bouncer led us to the side of the club towards an isolated door.

“This door it’s only used by the workers. You can go in. Just walk straight it will lead you to the club’s party hall.” The bouncer explained and we thanked him.

“See you later, right!”. He asked Lisa.

“Definitely handsome!”. Lisa dropped a peck on his check as we entered the club.

“Are you actually going to see him later?”. Unice asked Lisa.

“Maybe, maybe not. I mean he isn’t bad looking at all”. Lisa answered as we arrived at the party hall. Everywhere is full of people dancing and some drinking while others are making out with each other.

“Let’s go to the bar!”. Elsa suggested and we headed there and took our seats.

“Hello gorgeous ladies. What can I offer you?.” A handsome bartender asked us.

“How about you offer us yourself?”. Unice bit her lips trying to flirt with the bartender. I can’t believe these shameless girls are actually my friends.

The guy laughed out loud. Honestly speaking, he has An amazing deep voice. “ As much as I would love to be your order, I am not available on the menu”. The guy said looking directly at Unice as if he was waiting for her responses.

“Well that’s too bad. Can we at least get your name?”. Unice stare at the bartender with cute eyes. I don’t understand why she keeps using the term “we” instead of “I”. I can’t remember us telling her that we are interested in the bartender too.

“The name is Caleb. Will you guys like to make an order now?”. Caleb switched back into a professional voice.

“Yes, give us a one man army shot”. Lisa ordered on our behalf.

“Em.. I will have a soft drink please. Something that doesn’t contain alcohol. Thank you”. I ordered for myself. I have never drank before and I don’t want today to be the first time I will. I need to stay very much sober and alert so that I can return home in one piece by eleven o clock.

“Seriously soft drink? You are too upright. Learn to lose up a bit”. Lisa warned me. I didn’t give her any reply. They will not understand what it means to be in a situation like mine.

“Here you go mams!” The bartender brought our orders. Each and every one of us took our drinks in our hands and Elsa decided to make a toast.

“A toast to our birthday girl.” Elsa lifted up the glass.

“A toast to her!”. The rest of us responded and took a sip of our drink.

Soon my friends were tipsy and got on drinking.

“Let's dance”. Lisa's voice echoed in the mist of the loud music. We all made our way to the dance floor and started dancing with each other.

As we kept on dancing, I could feel someone's eyes on me. I took courage, turned back and met the daring eyes of the person.

He is sitting with four other guys. I could not make out his face completely, just the outline of his body. Even as of that, I know that the man is hot. Even though his friends are talking to him, I could feel his eyes on me.

His stares gave me a kind of boldness I don’t usually possess. I turned around and started tweaking to the music. I shake my body up and down knowing fully well that the man is looking at me. After a few minutes of dancing, I turned back and to my disappointment, the man was no longer there again.

Just then, I felt someone place his hands on my waist, I turn to give him a piece of my mind and lo and behold it is the man that was staring at me earlier.

He pulled me closer to him and whispered into my ears; “I am not the kind of person you tease and get away with Mia Cara!.”

His voice was low and dangerous. It made me shiver down to my spine. There is something in me that tells me he is a dangerous man. But instead running away from him. I wrap my hands around his neck.

“And who told you that I want to get away with it?”. I smirked at him.

“You have no idea what you are asking for!” He let out a laugh.

He has such a lovely voice. I don’t mind listening to his laugh all day. The man started moving our body according to the rhyme of the music and I followed his lead.

I turned around and started to grope him. He encouraged me by pulling my body closer to his body. There is no more space between us. I could feel his hard body completely pressed to my back.

I kept pressing my body on him more seductively when I felt his hardness pressed on my back. I feel very proud that I am able to get a reaction out of him.

He started to drop light kisses on my bare neck making my body go on fire. I kept biting my lips to prevent me from moaning out loud.

“You have no idea what you are doing to me Mia Cara!.” He huskily whispered into my ears.

And just before I could reply, the alarm on my phone ran. I have earlier tied my phone on my lap so that I will know the time to leave.

Well just like Cinderella, it’s time to go.

“I have got to go!.” I said to the man and without waiting for his reaction, I flew.

I went over and tapped Elsa at the back and told her that I am going home. She waved at me and went back to dancing. I looked for the other two so that I can wish them goodbye too. I spotted Lisa making out with a guy at the corner of the club while Elsa is dirty dancing with a guy. Not wanting to interrupt them, I decided to just leave. I untied my phone on my lap to see a text from the cab driver. Damn! He has been waiting for me for the past thirty minutes. I quickly rushed out of the club.

“Sorry!”. I apologized to the driver for keeping him long.

During the ride, I kept rubbing my neck thinking about the man I just danced with. I realize that I don’t even know his name. But it didn’t matter. I enjoyed every moment of the dance.

The cab driver dropped five minutes away from my house. I paid him his money and started trekking home. The weather was chilly and since I am putting on a tiny dress, I am feeling a little bit cold.

I took off my shoes as soon as I reached our lawn. I silently tiptoed into the house and into my room successfully without getting caught.

I changed my dress into my night wear and slept off with a big smile on my face.

That night, I dreamt about the hot stranger I danced with.

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Waw, sometimes Cinderella stories can’t always be the same

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