Chapter four- my parents sold me off

Ashely’s POV

I woke up the next day feeling very happy. Am now eighteen. Legally I am now an adult who can do whatever she feels like doing.

I recalled everything that happened last night. I closed my eyes and seized my hand over my neck as I imagined the stranger’s lips on my neck. It felt so good! Heck it isn’t feel good. I can still smell him on me.

I wonder if this is what it feels like to be with a man. I have never had a boyfriend so I have no idea. Now I know why Lisa and the rest can’t stay away from guys.

I rhythm a tone as I make my way downstairs. I freeze as I reach the kitchen. Both of my parents were sitting down looking as if they were waiting for someone.

“Dear God please let it not be me they are waiting for.” Am not ready for any trouble this morning.

“Good morning”. I managed to greet them. My heart was beating very fast because of the fear of uncertainty.

“What is good about the morning my dearest daughter?”. Dad asks in a hostile voice. I kept quiet because I knew better than to reply to him. I just hope they didn’t know about my outing yesterday.

“Since you are never useful in this house, we decided to..” my mom started to say before my dad hit her on the back.

“Anywhere, it’s been a long time since we all went out together. So we are going out for breakfast today”. My dad stated. I found that very suspicious. The last time we all went out to eat was six years ago. Why then are we doing that today? Maybe they want to change for the better. I thought but somewhere in the back of my mind I knew something was wrong somewhere.

Before I could protest that I can’t go, mom got up from where she sat and held my hand in hers very tightly.

“Let’s go!”. Dad said with a big smile on his face as if he won or is about to win a lottery. Something is definitely wrong. We made our way to the car. Dad entered the driver’s seat while mom and I sat in the back seat without mom letting go of my hands even for a minute.

As we drove, I noticed that we were driving towards the outskirts of the town to the side where all dangerous activities are done.

“Where the heck are we going? I questioned silently in my mind as fear began to creep its way into my heart.

We soon arrived at a building that is painted by different dark graphics arts. Looking at the building it screams “danger”.

Dad parked the car and came out of the car. Mom followed next and when she saw that I didn’t want to get out, she forcefully dragged me out and started dragging me towards the building. My heart beat is pumping very fast. I didn’t like the feeling and the vibe I am getting about this place.

Dad knocked at the big iron door and a huge man whose body is covered in tattoos opened the door and gave us a question.

“We are here to see Pablo. He is expecting us”. My dad explained to the man with a shaking voice although he tried his best not to sound intimidating.

“Are you Mr Johnson?” The guy asked.

“Yes that’s me!”. My dad responded and the guy led us into the building. I can’t help but close my nose with my free hand as we walked into the building. The entire place smells like weed, drugs and alcohol. This may be the place where mom and dad buy their fix. “But why am I with them today? Or maybe they wanted to get their fix before we head for breakfast.” I try to reason why they brought me together with them.

We walked across the hallway until we reached an office at the far end of the building. Two guys were stationed at the front of the door to the office. They searched us before allowing us to enter.

In the office, a man was sitting in the head chair. He has tattoos all over the visible part of his body. Looking at him makes me feel like I am looking at one of the descendants of the devil. I guess that is Pablo.

“Well well! I didn’t expect to see you so soon Mr Johnson ''. The man said as he smoked the weed in his hands.

“I don't want to get on your bad side so I came as early as possible.” My dad answered back.

“Is she the one?”. He stared directly at me and my legs began to shake out of fear.

“What the heck does he mean by am I the one?”. I try to think of a logical reason for what is going on here.

“Yes she is!”. My dad responded.

“And are you sure she is untouched?”. The man questioned my dad yet again.

“Yes she is!.” My dad proudly answered. I honestly don’t like where this conversation is heading to.

“Good. Then here is your payment”. The man handed my dad an envelope which my dad gladly received while smiling.

“You can go now.” The man commanded.

Mom let go of my hands for the first time and she and dad turned to go. I also turned to follow them happy that we are finally leaving this creepy place.

“And where do you think you are going?”. The guy who opened the door for us asked me as he blocked the door.

“What do you mean by that? Am going home with my parents obviously”. I stated looking confused as to why he asked such questions. Then suddenly they all started to laugh. From the man to my parents. I wonder what is funny about what I said.

“O dear! There is nothing like HOME to you now”. The man emphasized on the word home as he finally stopped laughing.

“What do you mean?”. I asked, allowing fear to show on my face.

“Your parents sold you to me. They owe me ten thousand dollars and since they can’t pay, they sold you off to me with an addition of five dollars. You now belong to me and this is your new home.” The man sitting at the head seat explained with an evil look on his face.

“What!” There is no way that will be true. I know my parents aren’t the best parents in the world but I refuse to believe that they will sell me. But when I looked at my parents and saw the expression on their faces, I knew that indeed they had just sold me.

“Why? Why?” I asked them as tears started falling down from my eyes. I never thought that a day like this would come in my life.

“Why not? Enjoy your stay here.” My mom spat as she blew a kiss towards my direction. Her and dad then left. I didn’t make any attempt to follow them. I just sat there on the floor crying my heart out at such betrayal. I can’t believe my parents sold me just because of their greed for money.

“That’s enough! Roy take her to the ladies let them get her ready for tonight. I have a feeling she will be very profitable.” The devil’s decedent commanded the hulk guy who started dragging me out of the office. I didn’t even try to protest because these guys look like they can kill me in a second if I misbehaved. They might as well kill me because i'm already feeling dead. I can’t believe that a parent will do this to their own child.

As the hulk continues to drag me, I continue to wonder in my mind what is going to happen tonight.

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