Chapter five- at the audition

We soon arrived in a room that looked like a show house dressing room. The hulk continued to drag until the end of the room where some ladies were sitting down.

“The boss wants you to get her ready for the audition”. The hulk said to a woman who is wearing a black vest showing off the butterfly tattoo on her right arm. She had her hair packed in a bun. The woman nodded her head at him, keeping her face expressionless. The hulk left me with the woman who kept eyeing me up and down.

“Wait! What does he mean by getting her ready for the audition? Are they planning on reselling me again or what?”. I silently wondered because I am too scared to speak out loud.

“Let’s get you washed up!”. The woman finally spoke up and brought me out of my thoughts. she beacon on me to follow her.

“Strip!”. The woman commanded as soon as we entered the bathroom.

“What?”. I screamed. Never in my life have I ever removed my clothes in front of someone and I definitely don’t what you started today.

“You had me. Strip or I will call Roy to come and force you to do so. Believe me you won’t like that.” The woman said in a firm voice.

I started taking off my clothes as tears started rolling down my eyes for the second time. I feel so molested right now.

I hold my hands around my body as tears continue to fall out of my eyes. The woman pointed at the shower stall. I got in the stall and washed myself using the cold water. After I was done, The woman passed me a rope which I wrapped around my body as we went back into the dressing room.

I wanted to ask her about the audition but fear would n’t allow me to.

She dried my hair and did my makeup. She then passed me a dress and sexy underwear to put on. The dress if I can actually call it that. Is very short and tight. It looks like something Lisa will wear. Thinking of Lisa made tears gather in my eyes. I can’t believe I will never see my friends again.

“Don’t you dare cry. You are going to damage the make-up”. The woman ordered and I nod my head at her. She passes me a long mirror so that I can look at myself. I honestly look good. And I look like a hooker too.

The hulk guy came in soon after and announced that it was time to go. The woman wished me good luck as Roy started pulling me out of the room.

We went out of the building and I never appreciated fresh air in my life like I am doing just now. I noticed the place was already dark. So that means I have been here for almost the whole day.

A car stopped right in front of us and Roy pushed me in. We arrived at a place that looks like a club but is being heavily guarded by huge men holding guns in their hands. All the cars in the parking lots were black and shining and they all screamed “expensive”. Roy waved at some of the guys as we walked towards the backside of the building. We entered the back door and Roy led me to a room where two people sat doing paperwork. They were both wearing black suits.

“Behave or you won’t like the consequences”. Roy whispered into my ears as he left me in the room and left. I stood there not knowing what to do.

“So what’s your name?”. One of the guys asked.

“Ashley”. I answered in a tight voice although I wanted to lie but I know that I would not like the afterwards if they found out the truth.

“Ashley who?”.

“Ashley Johnson”. I answered in a crack voice hating the fact that I am still using the name of a man who sold me.

“So how old are you Ashley?”.

“I'm eighteen.”

“How many guys have you slept with?”.

“Non.” I answered as I now my head down.

And so they kept asking me questions as if I were in an interview. After that, they called a lady to escort me to the lounge.

When we arrived at the lounge, I saw girls about twenty six in numbers similarly dressed like me. Somewhere looking scared while others were looking bold and confident as if they were here on their own will.

“You are number twenty seven”. The lady said as she went out leaving standing awkwardly. After standing for some minutes, I made my way to an empty sofa and sat down anxiously thinking about my fate.

“Chill you are not going to die.” The lady sitting beside me said.

“Although that depends on the type of audition you are here for and who buys you”. Another girl said.

“Which type of audition are you here for?”. The girl asked me and I looked at her in confusion.

“You don’t know? That’s unfortunate. Some of us here will just audition for a week and after that, you are free to go. Others for a month or even a year. The longer your contract is, the higher you earn.” The girl explained to me. O how I wish my own contract will only last for a day. I didn’t even know which type I fall under. Then again, if the contract ends does that mean I will go back to those people since my parents already sold me off to them?

Still in my thoughts, I didn’t notice that two ladies entered the room until they spoke.

“Ladies, it's time. No 1 you are up now”. The ladies announced and went out of the room with the girl who is tagged no 1 following them.

After some minutes, they came back for the second girl and it continued like that. The closer they get to my number, the more anxious I become.

“No 27 you are up now!.” The ladies said. I didn’t even notice that I am the only one left.

“Well here goes nothing!”. I let out a deep breath as I stood up to follow them.

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