Chapter six - sold and married

Someone lightly pushed me up the stairs. I was immediately blinded by the night light that shone on the stage.

“No 27 please move to the center of the stage!”. The host announced. I slowly made my place in the center of the stage where the light shone so bright.

I try to take in the audience and to my surprise, they are all wearing masks over their faces. The only people whose faces are bare are the waiters serving the masked people.

What is this? Some type of masked gathering? I wondered to myself.

“Okay gentlemen! This is our No 27 Ashley Johnson. She is eighteen years old and the best part about her is that she Is a virgin. Yes that is right, a virgin! Young, fresh and untouched. So let’s start bidding from $10,000”. The host announced.

I shiver in disgust at what is happening. I can’t believe I am being sold and some bunch of useless men will now bid on me as if I am a piece of art. And good luck to them. I don't think anyone will pay &10,000 or more on my head.


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Leticia W Zulu
The book is good so far

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