Chapter seven- Surprise Mia cara!

Ashley’s POV

“You!!!” I exclaimed when I saw the face of the man. It was the man I danced with yesterday at the club. But why is he doing this? Is it because I left him on the dance floor yesterday? Maybe that’s why.

“Surprise Mia cara!”. He grinned at me, making me more furious than I was already.

“Why are you doing this? Is it because I left you hanging on the dance floor yesterday?.” I asked him.

He looked at me confused at first because he started laughing. He has one of the most beautiful laughs I have ever heard.

Damn! Snap out of it Ashley! No need to start lusting after him while we are having an important conversation.

“I must admit you are more funny than Kelvin Hart. You think I am doing all this because you ran away from our moment of dance last night? I barely didn’t even noticed your presence. Once you are gone, I have someone else take care It. You know what I mean?.” He winked at me. I cringed at the thought of it. Too much information. I am not interested in what
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