Chapter eight- I have a wife

Xander’s POV

When I woke up the next day, I went downstairs and found Rick sitting in the lounge room.

“Tell all the men to gather in the dining hall!.” I instructed him. I went to the kitchen and made my coffee before I headed to the dining hall. I found all the men sitting and waiting for me.

“Greetings to all of you!.”

“Greetings Don.’” All the men echoed.

“I have two pieces of news to share with all of you today. The first one is that we have finally found the mole that sold information about our shipment to the klan's Mafia!.” I said and looked at their faces. I am good at studying people so I wanted to be sure that Yaks was working alone. None of them looked scared or guilty so we are good to go for now.

“It’s Yaks!.” I said and I saw the look of shock on their faces. I am very sure they didn’t expect him to do something like that. I didn’t expect him to. Yaks was born into the mafia just like Rick and I and so he was supposed to understand that the mafia don’t tolerate bet
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Storyline is interesting but ALOT of grammar errors; author NEEDS TO PROOFREAD this book.

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