Chapter ten- Dragon

Ashley’s POV

“Denver Drive us to the Amir’s Club. I am going to return this bitch and get back my money. !”. Xander instructed his driver and my heart stopped beating. What does he mean he wants to return to me. That can’t be good. I am very sure that it will end up badly on my own part.

I don’t know why I was foolish enough to run to the policeman. Now look at the result. The poor man got killed because of me. I have a guess that Xander belongs to a mafia organization or something related to that. But I didn’t think that he would have the balls to shoot a police officer in the open.

“Please! I am sorry, don’t take me back there!.” I pleaded with Xander who refused to even acknowledge my presence. I kept on crying until we arrived at the familiar building.

“Get out!”. Xander yelled at me but I shook my head.

“Don’t try me! Get out or I will pull you out myself!.”

“No please! I am sorry, I will do anything but don’t take me back there!.” I cried as I pleaded with him. I have a fee
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