Chapter fifteen - Don’t forget

Xander’s POV

“So Mr Xander, how is your wife?.” Mr Hu’s secretary asked me. I frown at him. I don’t know what he is getting at.

“She Is fine. Is there a problem?.” I asked.

“Not at all, I just wanted to remind you of the dinner on Sunday night.” He smirked at me. What exactly is his problem? It’s not as if I have any business with him.

“Well of course, I haven’t forgotten about it. In Fact, my wife and I are looking forward to it!”. I force myself to smile for the sake of Mr Hu. Heck if not because this contract is important to me, I would have been here.

“Very well then, the contract shall be handed over to you on Sunday evening at the party!.” Mr Hu stated.

The meeting still went on for another twenty minutes.

After the meeting, I decided to head home before I received a call from Rick. I guess my guest was waiting for me then. I decided to call Ashley and inform her that I will be late. But then I remembered that she doesn’t have a phone. I made a mental note to get her one t
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