Chapter fifty nine- burn them

Lisa’s POV

My jaw dropped the moment I saw him.Wasn't he supposed to be in LA? What was he doing here? No, this must be just a dream. For seconds, we just stared into each other's eyes and didn't utter a word. I shook my head with my eyes closed and when I opened them, he was still there smiling. He is really here.I am not hallucinating.

"Hey Lisa, why do you look shocked? It's me Chase..."

I looked at him one more time and realized he had in the same outfit as that night we met in that club.The cap and the glasses made him look more like my Chase and not the star player. Seeing him like this brought a sharp pain altogether. I recalled how he lied to me about his identity and since then it has always been one lie after the other.

He had the box with that dress he bought me on his left hand and a bouquet of roses on the other hand."What do you want Chase?" I trembled .I was trying so hard not to cry in-front of him.

"I wanted to apologize for standing you up yesterday..."

"She needed
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