Chapter sixty six- will you marry me?

Lisa’s POV

“Hello Xander? Chase has been shot! I said immediately I said into the phone.

“What? How? When?” Xander asked me. His voice has changed from being rude to worried.

I briefed what happened to him. I heard the siren of the ambulance coming. He told me that he would meet us in the hospital and cut the call.

“Chase. I called your brother!.” I told Chase. He was already blank out.

“Chase! Chase! Please wake up!.” I cried out as I tried to wake him but his eyes were still closed.

“Chase please wake up!”. I burst into tears. This is all my fault. The man was obviously after me and Chase ended up being the victim. Heck if I haven’t left the hall, then none of this wouldn’t have happened.

“Mam and you move a little bit?.” The medical people asked.

I didn't realize they were here already. I moved back and they picked Chase up and took him into the ambulance.

“Are you coming with us?.” One of them asked me.

“Yes!.” I answered and entered the ambulance.

“Can you tell us what happened?.
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