Epilogue- Happily ever after

Two months later.

“I now present Mr and Mrs Xander Cage. You may now kiss the bride.” The officiant Priest announced.

Without waiting to be told twice, Xander pulled his wife to a kiss. He had meant to kiss her since she walked into the chapel looking like an angel in her wedding gown. She is putting on a ball dress gown to hide her four months pregnancy from the public eye.

Xander captured Ashely’s lip and kissed her as if he was starving for her. Which he is. The women had kept Ashely away from him for three days.

Three days! He nearly went insane because he was already used to sleeping with Ashely at his side.

The officiant Priest cleared his throats to get the attention of the newly wedded couple who seems to be lost in passion.

“Please save the rest for the honeymoon!.” The officiant Priest Priest teases the couple as the congregation cheered at his words.

Xander stopped kissing Ashely as he placed his forehead on hers.

"I love you so much, Mrs Ashely Xander Cage”. Xander said t
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Joel-ann Williams
beautiful ending I love this book
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