01: Enchanted by a spell.

It has been half a year, at least in the Allandis empire's calendar since there’s no telling if the time in her world equals the time in the empire . Aileen tried her best to escape these past two months but ended up being caught by her husband’s marquises. 

She sighed and raised her hand to block the sun rays emanating from the window in the bedchamber. “Is there really no way to go back to my world?” she murmured and decided to close her eyes again.

She’s stock in the Allandis Kingdom, a portion of the Allandis empire on the western border. With her eyes closed, she recalled how she ended up being the queen of Viishaun’s kingdom.

“Hmmm… that light… I think it’s no ordinary light, but a magic. I had seen and read about enchantment and spells when I was in my world. If my theory is correct, that cringe king must be under the influence of a spell,” she murmured again while lying lazily in bed. She speculated his changes in attitude and becoming overly sweet to her were due to that thing that struck his excellency’s heart.

“If I got here without scientific reason, then things like magic are not just words in theory in this world.”

She punched her pillow and screamed, totally forgetting that the king would overreact. So, as expected, the maids and the king rush over to her room.

King Viishaun ran to her and jumped into the bed to caress her cheeks. Then, he asked, “My lovely Szcheriziel, what’s wrong?”

She groaned after hearing the name ‘Szcheriziel’, the real owner of the body. The truth is the lady had told the king that she was Aileen, but she found out that only her soul had traveled into this world. The body she possessed was the illegitimate daughter of duke Azrael Lestinna to an unknown mother. So, to avoid being suspected as crazy, she goes on living as Szcheriziel Veuy F. Lestinna—Allandis. 

“Honey, were you hurt? Tell me.” 

‘W-What the hell?!’ is what she had been bearing in her mind when Viishaun kissed the back of her palm. She still can't get used to her husband’s gestures, and for her, the king next to her is a cringe person. Aileen glanced at the servant, and as expected, they were also cringing over their master. She could read the cold feet and goosebumps seeing their master doting over his wife.

“Uhmm… your excellency, the budget for the first district is waiting to be reviewed. Please go back to your office,” says the guy wearing an eyeglass, holding a golden royal seal. 

"Let's have breakfast first, my sweet honey." The king was shining as his smile took over the room, completely ignoring his secretary.

'Eww~~ cringy!' Aileen tried her best not to let such a word escape her mouth. She faked a sweet smile and replied, "Alright, my king. Let's dine together."

The king stood up and carried his wife as if they were newlyweds. Aileen wanted to lose face because she could not get used to his excellency's weird gestures.

"Uhmm... your excellency, aren't you feeling uncomfortable eating while I am seated in your lap?" She asked, reading his reaction.

Even since Aileen has heard from the servants that the king could kill a person for spoiling his mood. She was always careful with her words not to drive the king's anger because he would go berserk. 

"This is the most comfortable position for me," Viishaun replied as he fed her with a fork of roasted duck.

Aileen could see the eyes of the bewildered servant of Viishaun's palace. She glanced at the king and remembered the time she rarely used to have breakfast with Stephan. 

'Stephan and I had never been this intimate. Every time we shared a meal, we were always in a rush.' She sighed and made a statement to her mind again, 'I'm not cheating. It's just that I need to be safe here, so I could find a way to go back to my world.'

"Is the food not to your liking, my queen? Do you want me to fire the cook for not doing her job?"

Aileen panicked when she heard him mention vacating one of his subjects, so she said, "The food tasted great. I love it! I simply happened to wish to visit the town, but I'm sure you won't let me leave because you're always anxious that I might leave you."

The lady stopped going against the current ever since she became the queen. Instead of trying to escape, she'll use her edge in acting to please the king for the meantime while she's figuring out how to leave this unfamiliar word.

The king sighed and replied, "Fine. You may leave the palace, on the condition that you'll let one guard and one maid accompany you."

She mistakenly embraced the king out of her happiness because, at last, her acting finally worked on him.

"If I knew you would be this happy, I should have allowed you to stroll outside," he replied and later sealed his wife's lips. "Be careful, my queen," he added.

Aileen looked down because she felt guilty for allowing the king to kiss her. Even though it wasn't her body, the fact that her soul was occupying it means it was her who was with the king doing all sorts of couple things. She can't help but be guilty about cohabitating with another man. Moreover, She felt dirty for herself and sorry for her fiance from the world she originally belonged to.

"O-Of course. I am a bad wife if I let my husband worry too much. I'll be back before sunset."

"I'll wait for you, and let's have dinner together once you're home," Viishaun replied, kissing the queen's forehead.

"You have to return to your work. Look, your secretary is waiting for you."

"Why are you asking me to leave already? I want us to stay like this a little longer because you won't be around later." 

Viishaun's grip on Aileen's waist gets tighter. Later on, he rested his head on the Queen's shoulder.  Then, Aileen's hand moved on its own accord as it brushed the king's golden hair. 

'You're giving me too much attention, but I know this could be unreal. Maybe you really were under the influence of a spell because there's no way a rumored bloodlust king would be this sweet with a blink of an eye. I need to leave before the spell ceases to exist,'— is what Aileen taught to herself.

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