Chapter Four: Waste Or Billionaire?

Niko chuckled coldly as he saw the news on his way to meet one of his subordinates, he preferred to carry out his work at night since it reduced attention.

Also, it was easier for him to pose with women at clubs to make his dad see the news he wanted to see.

Currently he was watching Thomas, his younger brother give a speech about saying how his family had no idea that his elder brother was gay and how they were going to make sure that this was something that wouldn’t affect the family business.

Niko rolled his eyes with mockery laced in those green orbs.

Being gay wasn’t even such a bad thing but he could trust his family to use any card they could.

As a second teir family, the Suttons were struggling to make sure nothing ruined their new standing since they were a third teir family before now.

After all, the finances and capital for all their family businesses has come from Niko’s maternal family and mother. Unfortunately, as soon as his mother died, his father had taken in another woman and son that was younger than him by a few years only.

Niko closed his eyes and took a deep breath that made his tightly clenched fingers unclench.

His phone rang with a message notification and he looked at it to see a message from his uncle, his mother’s brother and also the current head of the Sergio family.

“Don’t let yourself suffer losses that you can’t recover from” 

The message was just like him, direct and simple and yet passing across a lot of messages.

He stared at the messages for quite a while and only replied just when the car stopped, an indication that they had arrived at where they were going.

Unlike the hotel he had been to the other day, this was more elite and was rumored to be a seven or eight star considering the quality. It was literally luxury and despite how much his name was moving online, not only was there not a single reporter in sight, no one out there took a picture of him.

Niko walked like he owned the place and only stopped when he got to the last room at the end of the corridor. Without a knock, he stepped in, his subordinates that was with him right behind him.

As soon as he entered the room, the two men in there stood up hurriedly and if anyone that mingled in the business world or the upper class of the society was here, they would be stupefied.

The first man was the managing director of Okin, a top tier tech company that had started here in their country but had been able to spread their wings to become a strong force to be reckoned with internationally. 

As for the second man, he was the biggest authority in Nirvana, a chain company that had started with engineering and construction but had quickly developed into more industries and grew bigger over the years. If one wanted to say anything that could bring these two companies together, it was that they had started at the same time seven years ago and now, they were both giants in the financial and business world.

The hotel they were in was also one of the franchises of Nirvana.

“I should be resting, why did you both suddenly decide to meet?” He asked, his words having a lazy draw to them as he leaned back in his chair.

“I brought a new blueprint for the expansion and some mapped out areas and decided it was only safe if I gave you both in person and let Kyle encrypt it. After all, I cannot assure the security of my gadgets” Lucas said with a faint smile.

Niko didn’t even have to look up to know he was bullshitting. Yet he said nothing and cast a lazy gaze at Kyle as if to let him know it was time to hear his own lie.

“Errr.. I.. Lucas called me here to get the blueprint also” he said with a little stammer that made Niko laugh out loud.

His heart felt a little warmer as he guessed that the both of them had intentionally called him here so they could distract him and perhaps let him have some fun. 

At twenty six, all that Niko had as family were these two people besides his uncle and grandfather from his mothers side whom he barely went to meet since he wasn’t so used to them yet.

Other than work and his big plan, he really had nothing else going on in his life.

“Just spend some time here tonight, after that, we would all have to go back to work.” Kyle said while Lucas nodded in agreement.

Niko sighed and then nodded.

“I heard that my younger brother seems to want a partnership with Nirvana?” He said out of nowhere as he recalled the bit of news he had heard from James.

Lucas and Kyle burst into laughter at the same time upon thinking of Thomas who thought himself invincible and amazing.

“I intend to give him some little bit of hope before squishing it all out from him” Lucas said, his eyes flashing with some bit of cruelty.

Niko nodded in satisfaction and said nothing more, the three of them enjoying their company amidst silence and some sparse amount of conversation.


Reyna sighed as she served another table. She had served several tables since she got here that she was getting exhausted but thinking of the paycheck she was going to get this evening, she endured and served more.

“Reyna, come along here” a man whom she had guessed to be the manager came along and she served the last drink on her tray and followed him hurriedly.

He led her through the corridors and into a room that was right before the last room.

Unlike other hotels, this was the first time Reyna was seeing such exquisite design.

The bottom floor where the receptionist and the basic welcoming and administrative staff were was there like usual while they had several doors that led to some outdoor places.

For the dinings and meetings, they had constructed a two floor underground building that catered for such needs. It also made it that no one really had to know if you had been here if you went straight to the underground as a VIP person.

One had to admit that the designer was someone that knew how to cater to the upper class society.

She was currently in the underground floor and the manager had taken her from the first floor where the clubs were to the one that was directly below the base floor that everyone could see usually.

After taking the order of the about fifteen men in the room, she went out so she could bring what they wanted with some assistance also.

If she could perform well and get consistent employment here, it would only be beneficial to her, after all, she still had a brother to look after.

As she walked to the bar, her phone rang with the familiar ringtone that she had set for Larissa and the hospital so that she could ignore any other call until she was done from work.

Looking around to confirm that no one was coming, she ducked into a corner and picked the call, her heart dripping the moment she heard Larissa’s panicked voice.

“Rey! Your uncle and aunt are threatening to cut off your brother’s treatment if you don’t come back to meet the man from yesterday. They just arrived at the hospital not too long” the anxiety and panic in Larissa’s voice not any less than the one in Reyna’s heart.

“Please tell them I have agreed so they don’t take any further action, I’ll come as soon as I finish my shift. You can also tell them I’ll come home tomorrow morning to follow them” she said after thinking for a while.

Currently, the most important thing was not stopping the treatment, as for the other matter, she would be sorting as things went on.

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