Chapter Fifteen: A black card


Reyna sighed as she neared the hostel, Niko had said the weekend, but in reality, the weekend was here already and there was just one day between today and the weekend.

When she entered the room and saw Larissa in her favorite posture for when she was seeing her favorite series. She looked up at the intruding sound of the door opening.

“Hey girl! You are back early” she said as she sat upright. Reyna always came back like two hours from now.

“Yeah, I came home right after tutoring Maxwell.” She explained which made Larissa finally pause her movie. “Are you really okay Rey? Is Alan okay?” She asked a bit too loudly that their third roommate, a girl that neither of them got along with looked up from her screen also and gave Larissa the stink eye.

“I’m fine Lisa. Just need to shower and maybe stroll with my best friend and I’ll be fine.” She winked at her as if informing her that they couldn’t converse at the moment. And Larissa got it and nodded.

Their roommate was o
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