Chapter Sixteen: I’m moving out.


As serious as it was, Reyna had to resist the urge to laugh when she saw Larissa’s expression.

“Calm down, I didn’t steal it. Niko gave me.” And then ignoring the stunned expression on her face, she went ahead to describe the event of the past day.

“You mean right now, you are his girlfriend? Niko?” She asked with bulging eyes. “On paper yes.”

“Wow. I could never believe things like this really happened in real life.” She exclaimed and then kept quiet when she saw the waiter coming with their order.

Reyna nodded in understanding, she had thought and imagined several ways out of their suffering but none had ever gone in this direction.

“Does Alan know this?” She asks since it was still safe to ask that. Her eyes were however already glued to the noodles in front of her. It was steaming hot right now and eating at this point was just simply suicide.

“I don’t think I can tell him how, he would refuse the operation. I would rather I tell him when he’s perfectly healt
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