Chapter 139

As they approached the company, Niko stopped the car immediately, turning to face Jeremy who was removing his seatbelt already,

“What’s the plan?” he questioned.

“Just follow me. You didn’t have a plan when you wanted me to follow you here, or what?” Jeremy asked him back.

“I had plans for you only and not your guards,” Niko retorted before a loud noise erupted.

Turning to look at the source, he widened his eyes to see some street guys beating all the reporters up.

“Is this the plan?” he asked as he turned back to face Jeremy.

“Of course, do you have a better one?” Jeremy retorted before getting out of the car.

Niko climbed out after, locking it before they both walked towards the building. Some of Jeremy’s guards surrounded them immediately, some clearing the path for them and pushing anyone that stood in their front. As the security of the company saw Niko, they hurriedly opened the door for them, allowing them free entrance before they disappeared into the building.


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