Chapter 142

All the things he had planned before the arrival of Mr Jeremy rang in his brains after he said the words. An expensive date, having more sex with her, making love to her, taking good care of her, everything came back ringing in the corners of his ears and ear wall.

“We all know you love her, you don’t have to say that out loud, ” Lucas replied.

“Come back to the company, there’s no one at the back way like Joe has checked and said, so pass that place in. Don’t forget we have your family trying to destroy Nirvana, and your grandfather trying to destroy them also, so we have lots of battles.”

“One thing you should know, he’s not going to hurt her,” Joe added.

Niko heaved a deep sigh in before cutting the call and closing his eyes. A heavy feeling gripping him at the chest, he has put her in danger, a danger she didn’t even know about. He had watched on one of the relationship shows on how girls hated things to be kept from them and he couldn’t imagine how mad she would be at him.

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