Chapter 143

Reyna eyes continued to wander while even in the car. The place was quite big, no, big was not the right word for it, it was enormous. They haven’t gotten to the main house and yet she was still astounded. The car came to an abrupt end after a while before the driver turned to face her.

“We’re here already.” He said before killing the engine of the car.

Reyna took a deep breath, comporting herself again before sighing out again. The driver got out of the car, closed the door back before moving towards to where she was seated. He opened the door for her, making Reyna divert her face away from the blaring sun that streamed in. She turned back as he moved away and she got down. Taking another sigh in, she got down of the car and took another look at the building. It was a three story, beautifully painted in a way she’ll call girly.

“Where is the person that sent you?” She asked.

“He’s inside, please follow me.” The driver spoke out again before leading the way.

A huge feeling sunk into h
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