Chapter 151

“I see you managed to get the number.” Reyna said to Lucas as she raised one of her brows and was holding in her laugh.

“Yeah. I managed to get it, Now will you just let us continue our drive in peace?” Lucas answered trying to hide the fact that Reyna’s taunt was having an effect on him.

“Oh, Sure, I will, my lips sealed.” Reyna said as she made a zipping noise with her mouth and gestured with her hands.

“Thank You!” Lucas said looking over at Reyna and smiling.

Reyna didn’t say a word, she went back to her phone and seemed to be doing something on it. Letting out a small laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Lucas asked.

“It’s this video, my goodness it’s so funny.” Reyna answered still laughing but not lifting her gaze from her phone.

“We’re here.” Lucas announced.

“Oh really.” Reyna said, locking her phone and lifting her gaze. “That was fast.” She added as she stepped out of the car. “Thanks for dropping me off, Lucas.” She said immediately she got off.

“No problem.”
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