Chapter 166

"If that is all you have to say then I will take my leave now dad, thank you "Niko said with a forced smile. He tried to leave the room but his father blocked the way.

"Niko, I want to talk to you about something and you are trying to walk off. I am your father "he said and stopped Niko from going away.

"And I have nothing to hear from you. I have an important meeting to attend to "Niko said but his father held his hand causing him to stop on his track.

"What do you want now? "Niko hissed out, anger clearly in his voice

"Just listen to me son please, let me come in and we can talk about this Niko please give me a chance "he begged and Niko was silent for a while before he finally spoke

"Fine you can come in then "Niko said and his father smiled. He let him enter the office and then he closed the door after them.

"Niko, I will make this very short. I am your father and I raised you with the help of my wife, your mother "he said

"You mean my step mother, the same woman who maltreated me
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