Chapter 167

Niko left the building and got into his car before hitting the road. He was going to go and see Reyna today because of what he prepared for her. his father had wasted little of his time because of the nonsense he spilled out. It took a lot of self control to hold himself so he wouldn't have to slap his father because the man knew how to get on people's nerves.

"Call Lucas "Niko told his car and the car began to dial Lucas's number. he drove slowly while waiting for Lucas to pick up. After the third ring Lucas picked up the phone call.

"What is going on Niko, I was about to call you when I didn't hear anything from you all morning "Lucas said

"I'm sorry I was stopped by my father on my way so I had to listen to what he had to say "Niko said and Lucas laughed. "The news came to him and he decided to come and beg didn't he. don't tell me you listened to him because Niko you have a soft heart "Lucas said and Niko smiled

"I have a soft heart but only for the kind of people who deserve it a
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