Chapter 170

" To the new CEO and her company " Joe stood up for the toast and we all did the same thing. " To us " we all yelled and then we drank and then ate that day. All through the dinner,Reyna only thought about one thing all through the night, and it was that she was a contented woman.

After the celebration we locked the new building and then decided to head home. We went home in two, Reyna went with Niko while Lucas drove Larisa and Joe home.

" I will call you when I get home, Reyna, " Larisa said before getting into the car with Lucas and Joe. She waved her hands at Reyna as Lucas started the car and he drove off. Lucas dropped Joe off at his house first because he wanted to have alone time with Larisa. He drove them off in silence, although he had a lot of things he wanted to talk to her about, he was nervous to tell her what was on his mind.

Larisa on the other hand was getting impatient due to the silence between her and Lucas because she had wanted to be alone with him all day and s
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